Rumble 59 Combs are Back!

rumble59combs Rumble 59 is this amazing company from Germany that is making some great rockabilly style jeans, pomade, and these kick ass bottle opener combs! Have you ever been out and forgot your comb and your pompadour has fallen or a girl has messed up your hair? Or you lost that little plastic comb that you got for free at the barber shop because it is so light you cannot tell it is even in your pocket? Or even better have you been handed a beer and it was not a twist off top and you did not have your handy dandy bottle opener on you? Well all your problems have been solved! These metal combs are sure to hold up through the wear and tear you are about to give it! They fit perfect in your back pocket and will be there to make you look sharp at any given moment and to open that beer for you or a friend! See ALL of Rumble 59 HERE!!!!
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