Sweet and Sugary Skull Adorned Gifts!

sugar skull If you're perusing the Sourpuss site looking for the perfect gift, you don't need to look too far. Chances are someone in your life has a special kind of affinity for colorful little skulls. How do I know this? Psychic powers you may wonder? Well sure, but actually it's just kind of what we do. Whether it's Sourpuss Brand housewares adorned with these sweet, sometimes sinister designs, or other companies we find along the way, chances are we have something that is a perfect sugar skull inspired gift to give or get! So where do you start? Well here's just a few of our favorites that we still have in stock! Try this brand new Hell Bunny Calveras Cardigan featuring embroidered sugar skulls, pretty little pink buttons, and a super comfy fit! Shake a little sugar with this Sweet Spirits Sugar Shaker! Carry around your goods in this Embossed Sugar Skull Oversized Tote from Loungefly! Keep all your cash safe with this Black Embossed Sugar Skull Wallet! Pour yourself a cuppa with the Sugar Skull Cat Tea Pot! Eat your lunch in style with the Sugar Skull Tumbler and Coordinating Sugar Skull Plate, available in 4 different colors! Set the mood with this adorable Pink and White Sugar Skull Candle Holder! We know candles make great gifts so try this LED Sugar Skull Candle, featuring a wax body but a LED wick for a beautiful fire-less glow! Add a little Mexican Folk art to your collection with this Sugar Skull Enamel Mug imported from Mexico! Check out these great gift ideas and more here!
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