You'd Better Be Nice...Or Meet the Krampus.

Krampus_StuffTis the season to be nice...or else. Who doesn't like the holidays, you know? Probably nobody, unless of course, you're one of the bad kids stolen by the dark hearted counterpart of Santa: the Krampus. We've wrangled up some of our favorite beast-y goodies, which would make much better presents for rotten folks than lumps of coal or being thrown into a sack. 1. Krampus Playing Cards: You'll be aces with this deck of cards where all the faces have horns. 2. Krampus Knit Hat: Keep your head as warm as an infernal flame. 3. Gruss vom Krampus T: Avoid getting hit with a switch in style, in this seasonally appropriate, devilishly good looking t-shirt. 4. Krampus Sweater Dress: Escape the clutches of the Krampus in the cozy warmth of this killer fair isle inspired sweater dress. 5. Krampus Sticker Book: Finally, a set of holiday decorations with just the right amount of evil.
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