The truth is out there...

Maiden Do you want to believe? Well then wrangle yourself up some Cryptozoological goods this holiday! Our friends over at Maiden Voyage are always broadening our horizons with their artistic renditions of fearsome creatures and things that go bump in the night. Share their spooky style with this new GLOW IN THE DARK Ghost Stories Crewneck or their Friends of Cryptid Wildlife tee (also glows, ee gads!). You can also get a fancy poster for your room (also glows in the dark, be still my heart!) and a patch to stick on your hiking bag as you explore the forest for strange undiscovered anomalies! If Bigfoot is your main man, we also have a Bigfoot air freshener, perfect for keeping your van smelling fresh when you capture the foul beast. Bumps and bruises, are just part of the job, so be prepared with Bigfoot bandages to heal your ill begotten wounds. Celebrate your mighty capture around the Christmas Tree with this Bigfoot ornament. You'll have to hide the real thing (you know the government and all) but you'll still need a way to show off your prized possession. Don't forget to get this Bigfoot necklace! You can give it to your furry feathered beast as a token of your love! Bigfoot likes'll see.  
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