New Tees from Lucky 13

L13_1 In stock now 4 great tees from Lucky 13! We love Lucky 13 tees they are soft and comfortable and offer a great fit that is true to size! The images are also screened so nice. If you are huge fan of the Day of the Dead then the Cinco De Muerte scoop tee is just the tee for you! I love that it has 5 skulls and 5 roses get it Cinco!  They are so clever with the name! The Good Bye Scoop tee is great for those that are into Ouija boards! I remember as a preteen, going to sleepovers and playing with the Matel Ouija board right after a good light as a feather, stiff as a board chant... and when the lights were turned out playing Bloody Mary in the bathroom mirror! I am not really sure if we ever really spoke to the dead or if we really levitated! But I want to remember that we did and that it was all special. L13_2 Two additional tees that came in are the Poison No. 13 scoop tee featuring an old timey perfume bottle, and the Foot Fetish Deep V Neck Tee featuring a lovely pinup posing in a stiletto high heel. These two shirts go so well together! Ladies love both Shoes and Perfume! Be sure to check out ALL of Lucky 13 Graphic Tees!
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