Limited Edition Classy / Trashy Collection at Sourpuss.

Sourpus_Lmtd_Ed_PostBe the best kind of trashy with your friends from Sourpuss: The Classy kind of Trashy. We're loaded up right now with this new collection featuring this lovely, scummy new design...but not for long. These limited Edition items aren't gonna be around forever, so you better get your perfectly manicured, grubby mitts on 'em while they're still here! Featuring: • Classy/Trashy Crop Top • Limited Edition Black Logo Tank Dress • Classy/Trashy Black Tank Top • Limited Edition Classy/Trashy Pint Glass • Classy/Trashy Totes in Black or Red • Classy/Trashy Metal Water Bottle • Classy/Trashy Hoodie • Classy/Trashy Black T-Shirt
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