Sourpuss Talks to our friends at Pinup Girl Clothing!

Pinup_Girl_Part_1 We recently got a chance to talk to our buds at Pinup Girl Clothing about fashion, dogs, Tim Burton and the best things to do in Vegas...amongst a bunch of other fun things! Check out the interview with Jasmin below, and visit their site for all the pinuppy goodness HERE. What is your name and job at Pinup Girl Clothing? My name is Jasmin and I am the executive buyer of the Pinup Girl Clothing website.  What did you do before working at Pinup Girl? I worked retail for Karen Millen & freelance for Christian Louboutin. I always had like 10 jobs in the fashion industry because I always wore many hats so it's nice to just have one now I can be fully dedicated to.  What is the best part of your job? Being able to shop for awesome things for the website. I also get to work with some pretty awesome women who motivate and inspire me daily. Who is your style icon? Honestly, I don't have a specific style icon. So much of what inspires me isn't really based on a famous person but just regular people I see in old films, vintage magazines, and on the streets. What is one thing you can't live without? My clothes. For me fashion is art, without my clothes I don't have any paint brushes to paint pretty pictures with. I collect lots of unusual and unique pieces and they are my life and soul.  Favorite Halloween movie? Nightmare Before Christmas because I am obsessed with Tim Burton. Pinup_Girl_Part_2 Dog person or Cat person? Dog person all the way! Best place you have ever traveled to and why? I haven't traveled abroad yet to say Paris ;) but I would say the best place I have ever traveled to was Mexico. Favorite things to do in Las Vegas? I love to get lost here. I love Lake Mead, Boulder City, and Bonnie Springs. I'm a city girl who loves getting lost in the desert haha. Anything exciting up and coming for Pinup Girl that you would like to share with us? There is always something exciting happening with Pinup Girl. Sometimes I find it hard to keep up! I think that’s the best part of this company, we just keep improving and leveling up. I can't wait to see what we bring in next Magic and all of the amazing shoots we will have for the products. I also look forward to us spreading even more female empowerment and an awareness that couture is not limited to a size!
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