Drinking just got a little easier!

flasks Have you ever wanted to carry your flask with you? And then decide it might be a bad idea because it's hard to carry, you might lose it, or have someone take it. Maybe your cool metal one is engraved or has a ton of sentimental value to you. Well Tote + Able has made it possible for you to have a really cool flask that you can hook to your belt loop, fit in your pocket, and fold it up when it is empty. These heavy duty canvas flasks are silk screened with cool designs and a rugged look. They are perfect to take camping and easy to tuck into your back pocket, purse, or backpack. You never know when you are going to need a shot of Hair of the Dog... or get a little Frisky with some whiskey! These little flasks measure 4 inches by 7 inches and hold 4 oz or 120mL of your favorite Drink! They also come with a cool 1 oz spun aluminum shot glass that doubles as a lid.  The canvas flasks have a leak proof BPA free liner that is easy to wash. So grab one up today or collect them all! They all make great gifts!
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