New Horror Dresses from Sourpuss!

Halloween_Mailer_1Looking for a perfect dress to creep around in this Devil's Night & All Hallow's Eve? Look no further. We've got in this amazing, bright, adorably patterned, Bare Bones Maggie Mae dress. Featuring a pattern of bats and skull & crossbones crafted by the wildly talented Mimsy, this retro style dress has a contrast collar and sleeve cuffs, dainty piping and colorful (non-functional) buttons, it's a perfect combination for this month of monsters...or really any other month. Grab one now HERE. Halloween_Mailer_2Also don't miss out on these other scary-good horror inspired dresses. There's the Nevermore Spooksville dress featuring Edgar Allen Poe inspired art with Ravens, One Eyed Cats, Quills & Ink, Feathers and more macabre momentousness. Simple black dress? Yeah, definitely....except there's also a cutout bat on the back of the aptly named Bat Cutout Dress. And finally: do creepy crawly spiders ook you out more than anything? Well, we'll help you overcome your arachnophobia with our lovely Spider June dress which is literally covered in 8-leeged buddies. See them all HERE and pick your terrifying favorite!
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