New from Black Market!

girls Today we just received so many new styles from Black Market Art for both guys and gals. I picked out my top 3 favorite items for gals. Black Market is an art collective that uses images from many tattoo artists from around the world. They formed in 2005 out of the love of tattoo culture. All images are original designs and are signed by each artist. 1. Black Market Lily 3/4 Sleeve Tee 2. Black Market Dixion V-neck Tee 3. Black Market The Fox Scoop Tee We received so many new tops it was really hard to pick just 3. So be sure to check out ALL the Black Market Girls items guys We do not want to leave you guys out of the blog! Here are my top 3 favorite guys t-shirts that arrived today. 1. Black Market Mean Mouse T-Shirt 2. Black Market Fine Tattoo Work T-Shirt 3. Black Market Tattoo Removal T-Shirt Be sure to check out all the Black Market Guys items in stock!
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