Brighten Up Your Bathroom with New Sourpuss Shower Curtains!

Shower_Curtains_Mailer_1aComplete your unique bathroom look with one of our new (or newly restocked) shower curtains! Drunken Sailors & Mermaids, Bats, Kraken, Misfits and the Amazing Freak Show all show up in this latest round of curtains. Grab your favorite and add some pop to your morning shower! See the whole collection HERE. Shower_Curtains_Mailer_2Maybe you're looking to add a little macabre pop to your wardrobe, rather than your restroom? Gotcha. We've got that too! Put a lil Poe in your look with these new, subtley colored, beautifully illustrated (by one of our favoite artists Stacey Martin) Edgar Allen Poe inspired tees! Nevermore (featuring a raven and get it) • One Eyed Kitty (featuring just that, inspired by The Black Cat) • And a Daggered Heart (a very tell-tale sort). So pick your poison, and get all dolled up for this grim season.
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