Fall Into All these New Sourpuss Dresses!

Fall-Into-New-Sourpuss-Dresses-1bFall is here. Great Pumpkins are coming. Leaves are falling. Apples are being picked. Costumes are being planned. But forget all that: Our new dresses are now in! (Ed. Note: Do not actually forget all that, it's like, the best.) Spooky werewolves. Knocked Out teeth. Vinyl Diners. Stitches, anchors, skulls, bats, and more. We have the damn cutest dresses featuring all these things! Too many to actually list here, so, we won't bother...just hit the jump to see the whole amazing new collection HERE. Fall-Into-New-Sourpuss-Dresses-2And as nights get chillier, you'll need to bundle on up. And what better way to do that than slinging on an amazing, super comfy Sourpuss cardigan?! From Zombie cameos to winged rollerskates, we've got the perfect cardigan for any look! See all of them HERE.
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