Party Down When Zombies Come to Town!

Zombie Party Halloween is upon us and for those looking to add some zombieware to your household, we have plenty in stock to keep you prepared. No zombie themed decor would be complete without the Zombie Brain Freeze Mold. Made for ice, this silicone mold has multiple uses and can be filled with any mold-able product (chocolate, ice, gelatinous slime!). Need a place to store your homemade zombie brains? This Zombie Cookie Jar is the perfect size for small sized edible parts, like cookies made with the Undead Fred Cookie Cutters...or severed fingers. Worried about blood stains from your hungry zombie guests, just cover your table with this Blood Splatter Table Cloth, easy to clean and a great gore cover up! We've also got plenty of candy for your guests from bloody bones, to human intestine gum, and more! Head to the Halloween Section of our site and grab your favorite items while you still can!!  
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