Jessica Louise, Bringing You Love in the Smallest of Details!

Jessica Louise
Every fashionable gal knows that stripes, polka dots, and leopard print are the must have trifecta for wardrobe perfection. Which is one of the many reasons we here at Sourpuss love Jessica Louise and you should too! From her contrasting stripes and mini skulls to frilly adornments, this brand is a shining beacon for any gal looking to create a style uniquely her own. Seriously what's not to love? There really is something for everyone. We recently spoke with Jessica to find out a little more about Jessica Louise and what inspires her to make fashion worth having!
What would you say are the defining elements of Jessica Louise?
The defining elements of Jessica Louise for me would be small details. Even on a simple garments it is important to me for instance how the bow in the center of the tank top is tied and finished. I even have little messages printed on the care labels that most people probably never even notice.
We all have our favorite items at Sourpuss that we gleefully squeal at post production, is there a favorite item that you've made that you just can't seem to get enough of?
If I had to pick my favorite item currently it would have to be the dot skull tanks. I am such a huge fan of red and white polka dots visually and love how the center detail I created for them look. Also they are so cute on girls of all sizes. That tank runs from XS-3X and I love it equally on all body shapes I've seen it on.
What is the one item that you think every gal, any shape or size, needs to have in their closet?
The perfect fitted black dress. It's a must have fashion staple. And ladies you might not know this, but you can have a dress custom made to fit your body for under $150, its really a great investment.
And one more thing a sensible pair of really nice comfortable shoes. That makes me sound like a grandpa a little but its true!
My favorites are the house brand of a little shop in San Francisco called Shoe Biz they make a line called Sutro and I wear those shoes every day.
Is there anything you would love for your customers to know about you that they don't?
Most people do not realizes that I am a one woman show. My line is either made in house or locally by small contractors. I do everything designing, sample making, pattern making, graphics, marketing etc.
That is something I actually am working on changing.
Also I'm self taught. I was trained in Printmaking but never took a sewing class or fashion related business training.
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