Cult Classic Purses and Wallets

Rockyhorror Have you ever gone to the movie theater to see a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show with the live participating audience? I experienced this for the first time when I was 15 years old in St. Louis, Missouri. It was fun and exciting. I remember throwing toilet paper and screaming GREAT SCOTT! We all dressed up in fishnets and corsets and had the best laugh in the whole world. I had purchased a calendar and cut all the photos out and hung them on my wall as posters when I was older. Well, Rock Rebel has put those famous lips and logo onto an amazing bowler style purse and matching wallet! Show your love of this great film featuring Tim Curry with this set! Did you know that the floating lips were inspired by a painting called "The Lovers" by Man Ray? edwardscissorhands From Tim Curry to Tim Burton! Who did not love Edward Scissorhands, a charming movie released in 1990? Johnny Depp portrayed an artificial man, Edward, who was a recluse brought to a little suburban neighborhood. It is an ode to teenage angst! This fun bowler style handbag and matching wallet are just as charming as the movie. Rock Rebel makes so many great handbags and other items that portray movies. Maybe one day Edward Scissorhands will have its' own midnight showings!
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