You'll Be completely CHARMED by these New Sourpuss Necklaces!

Charm_Necklaces_aYou're gonna be utterly charmed by our new necklaces! Each one, comprised of multiple, themed charms, could be a perfect addition to any outfit. Decorate your neck with Black Kats, Bloody Teeth, Bats + Spiderwebs, and Skulls and Bats. All of these awesome dangly items can be found: HERE.  Charm_Necklaces_bNot enough glittery bits for you? Well, then, make sure you pop your peepers onto our Drop charm earrings, with the tiniest, cutest lil' coffins, the gnarliest of bloody teeth, and matching skull + bone sets. Each charm earrings is also adorned with a color-matched, small bead, to add just that extra bit of pop! Take your pick of these guys: HERE.  
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