Check out these Amazing Weekend Events!

Upcoming Events Looking for something to do this weekend? Live in either Toronto or Philadelphia? Well: you are in luck! We're helping to sponsor two events this weekend that are both gonna be pretty amazing. In the great white north the beautiful city of Toronto,  will be hosting the Alternative People's Choice Awards, a celebration & recognition of the vast talent in the Ontario Alternative Industry. They will also be throwing the Miss Pinup Canada event at the same time! Get all relevant details at: Or, a little closer to our home: Maybe you're in the mood to drink, draw, and throw a chakram around (it's that bladed circle weapon thing)? Well you are DEFINITELY in luck, then. The wonderful Anti-Art school of Dr. Sketchy's is hosting a drawing session with Xena as the model (and yes, Gabrielle & Hercules will also be making appearances). Get all the details including times, ticket price, and general info on Dr. Sketchy's HERE.
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