Post Apocalypse Inspired Items

postapoc Did you hear the news?!?!?! There is a new Mad Max movie coming out! Are you ready for what the world has to come? You have a little less than 1 year to stock up on your necessities for the end.  Lip Service has some post apocalyptic style items to get you prepared for what comes next! Gear up in these tanks and vests. You will look tough as nails as you roll out in the dessert in your buggy searching for the necessities to survive. Whether you are trying to survive after a deadly virus outbreak, Apes that are smarter than you, or a zombie attack, these threads look the part. As society collapses around you Lip Service will raise you up with many of these items from their Warbirds Collection! 1. Lip Service Widespread Chaos Mesh Tank Top Olive 2. Lip Service World War III Hooded Vest 3. Lip Service Widespread Chaos Mesh Tank Top Gray 4. Lip Service Studded Vest 5. Lip Service High Low Moto Vest Be sure to also watch the trailer for the movie that I cannot wait to see coming out May 2015!!! Mad Max: Fury Road trailer!
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