Dry Your Filthy Mitts on these New Hand Towels!

Sourpuss_Hand_Towels_1Dry off those damp hands in style and add some pop to any kitchen or bathroom with these new, super-soft Sourpuss Hand Towels! Whether anchors, skulls, or lucky horseshoes are your thing we've got a set of super-well-crafted, embroidered, terry cloth towels to round out your kitchen or bathroom decor.Sailors_Grave_ToteDon't bottle up your feelings about this tote! Our new, amazing Sailor's Grave tote is adorned with ships & sailors skulls in bottles done up in a classic tattooed fashion! This sturdy, rugged tote features scalloped strap reinforcements and aqua blue handles & detailing perfect for any sea-faring lass or buccaneering broad. Tie yours down now HERE.  
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