American Apothecary~Exploring Medicinal History

American_Apothecary When we happened upon American Apothecary we loved their inspired look and use of vintage ads to create uniquely historic, wearable items. Combine that with a relaxed city vibe and you have fashion that not only looks good but educates...surely that's the best of both worlds! Whether it's a Doctor recommended pack of smokes for respiratory ailments or the commonplace ingestion of poisonous or highly addictive substances, these tees are a sure way to make a statement. Their purpose is to educate people on the medical misnomers of an earlier time and how that translates in today's society. And don't worry folks this social commentary isn't all for naught: American Apothecary donates 10% of their net proceeds to drug outreach and community development programs. Shop All American Apothecary Styles Here!
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