Disturbia - The Devil On Your Shoulder!

DISTURBIA_animated From the land of the gods Disturbia Clothing is here to stay! We love all the new styles from this ghoulish evil brand! What do you get when you cross cute clothing with devilish charm? The new line by Disturbia. They make amazing body con dresses, tank tops, and more! One of our best sellers is the Wednesday Dress, styled similar to Wednesday Adams dress, Disturbia takes it one step further by adding an upside down star on the back. Psychedelic and trippy the Bunnies Bodycon Dress features adorable little demonic bunnies! This dress is form fitting and the pattern will flatter any body style. The Static Bodycon Dress will have you falling into a state of euphoria. This tight body hugging dress will have you in a dream like state if you stare at it too long! The Hamsa Tank Dress will protect you from all the evil spirits. Misfortune will pass you by. This modern take on a ancient symbol will be your safeguard against the evil eye! Be sure to check out the whole Disturbia Collection.  
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