Heavy Weight Pomades of the World


Summer heat got your hair down? If your fancy new hair cut is experiencing the summertime blues, we have the solution! Heavy weight pomades. You might even find it beneficial to apply a water based pomade over top of the heavy wax pomade to help lock it in place. I know what you're yelling at your screen right now, but heavy pomades are hard to wash out! While water based pomades are easier to wash out (and can make petro/wax pomades easier to wash out when applied over top) ---- there's also another little secret you may not know about. That secret? DISH DETERGENT. Among the many tricks to washing grease out, this is by far the easiest and cheapest. Put a silver dollar sized amount in your hair while your hair is still dry and let it sit for a few minutes before showering. Gradually add water to your hair while lathering, and it will remove nearly every last bit of pomade in your hair. Your barber will thank you.

Here are the top wax based pomades and water based pomades we currently have in stock!

Petro/Wax Based: Kustom Kreeps Dead Weight Kustom Kreeps Death Grip High Life Heavy Cockgrease XX Steel Toe Pomade Water Based: Cockgrease XXX Suavecito Strong Lucky 13 Junior's

How do you keep your hair looking dapper in the heat? Do you have your own secret about how to wash out pomade efficiently? Share your secrets below!

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