FIVES for $5!

Recently I went out of town and needed someone to come over and water my garden and put my mail in the house. You know the typical house sitter stuff.  So I wanted to buy a gift but not break the bank. It is always the little things that matter and the thought. You do not need to spend a fortune when you know you will be returning the favor when they go out of town. So it gave me the idea to look up items that are $5.00 that you could pick up as a gift or small gesture. For a lady friend! 5girls 1. Bright Pink Fishnets - Every gal could always use a spare pair of fishnets why not get some brightly colored ones! 2. Lolita Lace Ankle Socks - Socks for a special occasion will always come in handy. 3. Rock Rebel Strike a Chord Earrings - what gal does not like jewelry? 4. Sourpuss Cherries Laces - Cute shoelaces will always brighten up a pair of sneakers. 5. Kreepsville 666 XL Skeleton Hair Slide - This is a fun item and the perfect gift for someone that likes things on the creepy side. For a gentleman! 5guys 1. Bettie Page Playing Cards - If they are house sitting this a great gift that they can play with while at your house. Solitaire!!!! 2. Tattoo Bandages - Everyone knows guys need band aids all the time when they are careless 3. Calculator Note Pad - This little pad is the perfect size to throw in the glovebox and have handy to get some digits from the ladies. 4. Gustav Mi Vida Loca Magnet - Who does not love magnets? Something to put on the fridge! Maybe use it for the instructions of what needs to be watered? or your emergency contact numbers. Have them take it when they leave to use on their fridge! 5. Mustache Pocket Comb - A great fun silly gift if your friend has a stache to keep constantly groomed For anyone! 5housewares 1. Face Melting Pretzel Card - Sometimes a thank you note is just enough. Write down how much you appreciate your friend. 2. French Fry Pen - Cute fun and a pen you will not want to lose! 3. Sourpuss Sailor Skull Shot Glass - You might want to include a bottle of their favorite spirits! 4. Grinning Skull Candle Holder - Candles and candle holders are always a great gift. You can always pick up some tea lights at any dollar store! 5. Sourpuss On the Prowl Tea Towel - Everyone could use a tea towel in their kitchen so it makes a perfect gift.
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