Essential Kitschy Kitchen Gear at Sourpuss!

Kitschy_KitchensLooking for a fun lil' something to add some colorful kitschy pop to your kitchen? Well, oh man, do we have a whole set of amazing cooking accessories that will add a shitload of whimsy to your meal prep! 1. Yeti Ice Cube Trays: Perfect for icing down the drinks of your favorite cryptozoologist! 2. Tough Cookie Cutters: All your favorite traditional flash, now in cookie form. 3. Pizza Ax: Let me ax you: are you happy with your current pizza cutter? 4. Obsessive Chef Cutting Board: 1" Cubes? No sweat. A julienne guide? Yes. Everything just so? You betcha. Your OCD chef will thank you. Repeatedly. 5. Squirrel Tea Infuser: You're nuts if you don't think this thing is the cutest. (Get it? Nuts? Squirrels?) 6. Shark Attack Cookie Cutters: You'll want to sink your Jaws into the mostly playful, slightly deadly cookies these will shape for you. 7. Sweet Tooth Cupcake Molds: Make your favorite sugary sweet baked goods to rot your teeth in the shape of those teeth with these flexible silicon molds.
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