The Dads We Wished We Had

Pictures1 As we approach this Father's Day, it's important to reflect on the real paternal heroes who shaped our young and impressionable lives. Let's face it, as latch key children of the 70's or 80's, some of us may have had to cobble together our vision of the ultimate Dad. But all was not lost, thanks to the awe inspiring magic of the movies, many an imaginary hero was made, empty lives fulfilled...and with that we offer a tribute, to the Dads We Wished We Had... Peter Venkman: Parapsychologist, Ghostbuster, and all around funny guy. This affable playboy with a heart of gold would make the ultimate Dad. Plus he ain't afraid of no ghosts. Doc Brown: Scientist, Inventor, Neighborhood Weirdo. No need to fret about your first car with this time traveler around. He'll also ensure you don't erase yourself from history, score! Ray Peterson: Middle Class Normal Guy, Nosy Neighbor, Reigning Everyman. Living in the Burbs wouldn't be so bad with Ray Peterson as your Dad. He'd break into people's houses, set up neighborhood stings...adventure Dad to the rescue! Mr. Miyagi: Karate Master, Mentor, Chopstick Aficionado. Stern but loving, Mr. Miyagi would make a good covert Dad. Karate Master when you need him...handyman when you don't. Uncle Buck: Pancake Maker, Bowler, Job Seeker. Sure he might threaten all of your boyfriends, but he could make you a mean breakfast. Uncle Buck has Dad material written all over him. Master Splinter: Quiet Type, Sewer Dweller, Makes Funnies. Not every Dad would take four toxic ooze exposed turtles and shape them into well trained ninjas...add to that pizza, sewer living, and weaponry...Master Splinter is the rat Dad for you. Wayne Szalinski: Will Shrink You, Bumbling Inventor, Scientist. You could eat all the over sized oatmeal pies you wanted with Wayne as your Dad...not to mention the ant rides. Yeeha! Steve Freeling: Respects Cemeteries, Tequila Drinker, Spirit Wrangler. The family that ventures into the other dimension together stays together. Ghost fighting Dad...super awesome. And last but not least: James: Not the Silent Type, Cab Driver, Rocks a White Suit. Look who never stops talking! This chatty Cathy would keep your conversation skills on point. Now go celebrate Father's Day with your real Dad or your imagined one! And if you still didn't buy a gift, check out some awesome Father's Day Gift Ideas here.
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