Fun in the Sun - 8 Perfect Items for Your Next Beach Trip!

Just_Beachy_Items If, like your loveable pals at Sourpuss, you happen to reside in the northern hemisphere, it's no secret that summer is right around the corner. If you're looking for some super cool items to up the ante on your trips to the beach or your local pool, why not check out these 8 killer items?! Even for a day trip, there's so much crap you have to lug along. You need a cool, stylish tote bag to load up all of your beach gear. Might I suggest you get rowdy with the SOURPUSS BEST RIDE TOTE BAG? If you're headed down to your favorite spot, you're going to need a new beach towel! Dry off after a swim or lay out under the sun, with any of our uniquely styled beach towels. I'm partial to the TATTOOED HEARTS design. Tank tops are an essential for any beach goer. Why not represent the man, the myth and the legend while you're lounging around in the sand with the SAILOR JERRY MY WORK TANK TOP? You can't spend a day by the water and not have a trusty flask. Mates, when packing up for your trip, be sure you grab the ANCHOR BRAND FLASK, fill 'er up with your hooch of choice and enjoy your day the right way! Gals, do you need a new swimsuit this year? Look stylish and retro this season while you strut your stuff in the sand with the STEADY ROSIE ONE PIECE. Boy it sure does get hot out there with that sun beating down on you! Before you head out, be sure to fill up the LUCKY 13 GREASE GAS GLORY WATER BOTTLE with your favorite beverage and stay hip and hydrated! Gals, if you need that perfect little beach dress to throw on over top of your swim suit, do I have the perfect item for you! You'll find it easy to slip in and out of the ANCHOR TANK DRESS! This curve hugger is what you need to look great and nab yourself your own sailor this year! Having a Tiki themed beach or pool party this year? We have an awesome assortment of items to liven up your party! Pour yourself a chilled margarita, rum & cola or your cocktail of choice in the HAWAIIAN BIG IHU TIKI MUG. Cool cats and kittens, before you head out to your favorite swimmin' hole this year, be sure you swing by and pick up some of your favorite new items and stay classy with Sourpuss!  
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