An interview with one of our favorite retailers: Unique Vintage!

Unique_Vintage_1 Hey there! What's Your name and what's your job title at Unique Vintage? Sheena Walker or as my Ramones-loving Rock n Roller friends call me…Sheena is a PunkWalker.  I am the Store Manager with the fun job of not only the responsibility of retail sales, operations, and people management, but also event planning and execution of in-store and out-of-store events, involvement in buying for the store, and creating an environment of amazing customer service while having a blast from the past with our guests as we specialize in 1920's-1950's vintage-inspired women's clothing and accessories.  Can we say BEST JOB EVER?! Tell us more about UV! When did Unique Vintage open & what's new since then? Created out of one girl's love for vintage clothing, Unique Vintage was created to serve like-minded retro and vintage-inspired fashion fiends.  With the success of our online business and Unique Vintage private label started in 2000, our fearless leader and visionary Katie Echeverry opened her brick and mortar boutique in 2008.  With it's immediate success, the store expanded in 2011 and now includes not only pin-up styles, vintage 1920's reproduction fashions, and stunning retro swimsuits, but a full bridal salon as well with a team of experienced and vintage savvy bridal consultants.  Because of the Burbank boutique's prime location to many of Hollywood's television and movie studios, Unique Vintage has also become a go-to for many celebrities and fashion stylists. Some of the shows UV items have popped up on are "Glee", "Pretty Little Liars", "American Horror Story", "Vampire Diaries", and "True Blood" to name a few. Celebrities who have shopped the UV racks include Zooey Deschanel, Elle Fanning, Ariel Winter, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Teri Hatcher. What did you do before Unique Vintage ? General Manager of a large cosmetic store and salon…AKA makeup guru and go-to for all things beauty and empowering women to feel their very best.  The transition back to clothing retail in my store was seamless as I get to still do what I love most…make women feel amazing about themselves.  There is nothing better than making somebody feel fabulous for any occasion,  especially on their "special day" as we send them down the aisle with a smile! What's the best part about your job? Umm…everything!  No but seriously, I love everything about what I do.  I would probably say my FAVORITE thing is wardrobing women who embrace our culture and have a passion for the eras we specialize in whether it is getting them dolled up for a Gatsby-type event in our beautiful flapper dresses, ready for fun-in-the-sun in our adorable retro swimwear, finding the perfect prom gown, or just getting them a new rockabilly-rebel Sourpuss wardrobe for daily-wear.  We offer a wide variety of options for all types of women and we have the most fun customers I have ever worked with! What is your favorite thing to snack on at the movies? The crappy, processed NACHOS that I probably shouldn't be putting in my body.  Guilty pleasures.  More cheese please!  But hey…I always drink it with a water bottle and refrain from soda.  That has to count for something right? What is the most important appliance in your home?  These days I would have to say my oven/stove.  I have recently gotten more into cooking and find it therapeutic after I get home from work.  Especially since I don't have to do dish clean up at home.  Always a plus and definitely inspires me to cook even more! Do you have any irrational fears? Would be terrible fear of birds be considered irrational?  Give me snakes and spiders all day long…I will take them!  I guess I would consider my ornithophobia slightly irrational considering I won't eat outside for fear of them or go into a pet store if there is an un-caged bird hanging out.  Some of my most embarrassing moments include sprinting and screaming across a sushi restaurant when one came in and jumped onto my foot as I was eating or when one hopped into my store and I locked myself in my office while my employees tried to catch it. Unique_Vintage_2Do you like Horror movies? YES! I am partial to the classics like the original House on Haunted Hill but my favorite horror as cliche as it might be is Frankenstein as I love the story.  One of my favorite books as well. If I'm not watching horror flicks, I am obsessed with John Waters cult classics (with a leg sleeve to prove it), action and thriller movies, and comic-related movies as I grew up on comic books and graphic novels and am a total geek to this day. Have you ever ridden an elephant? Not yet!  But I am an avid adventurist and definitely have this on my list of things to do in my lifetime!  I  DO ride motorcycles though and there is nothing I rather be doing on my days off then hitting the road. What are you most excited about in the coming months? For Unique Vintage, I am really excited about some of our upcoming events like our Pin-up Picnic in August and continuing to bring more events into the store!  We will be having bands, DJ's, pin-up makeup and hair classes and photo shoots, fashion shows, food trucks, cocktails, hella-hoopers, trunk shows, you name it!  We will also be vending at more festivals, car shows, bridal shows, etc.  As for myself, I am excited about going for a long-distance motorcycle trip I am planning out with my father this summer, taking a mother-daughter vacation to Palm Springs for some R&R and art galleries, and taking my 93-year-old grandmother AKA my hero to Vegas to party like the rock star she is (trust me I can't keep up with her) as I do not get to see much of my family and it is one of my commitments to myself this year. Anything we forgot to ask? Sure…but I won't even get started because I can go on for days about pretty much any topic.  But I would like to mention on behalf of the Unique Vintage team, we LOVE Sourpuss and are proud to carry your amazing products in our store!  Keep the cuteness coming! Visit Unique Vintage At: Instagram? UVDarlings darlings! Facebook?
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