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"Modern, Vintage,  Awesome" is their motto and these Texas-ites aren't messing around. Grizzly Brand Grooming is the brain child of husband and wife team Duane and Eva Eaves. Homemade in their hometown of Katy, Tx, this unstoppable duo has big plans to fancy up your face~mane. Check out some of their rustically delightful smelling products here! And while you're at it read a little more about this fantastic and lovable pair!
I love that you and your wife wrote on your website that you wanted to spend more time together and that it was one of your reasons for starting Grizzly Brand. What's the best part about working with your significant other?
EVA: Duane and I are one of those weird couples who like spending time together. Time doing all kinds of things: movies, making music, painting so if we can spend time together making amazing products and some money....that's Gold Baby!
DUANE: I think - well for me it's way easier to bounce ideas off her because she knows me so well and know where my brain is going, and what I am trying to say. Sometimes being a dude, what I say in my head always sounds better than what actually comes out. I am always thinking of things to build this business, some ideas are great and other are not so great. In my mind they are all great so it's good to have someone there to say "oh that's a fabulous idea!" or ......."yeah that's dumb".
Since you're handi'crafters by nature, what made you settle on making men's grooming products?
EVA: From what I remember, ideas for the company changed quite a bit from T-shirt to beer to all other kinds of fun things. Then it was settled on good smelling beard stuff.....the ideas are still coming....I'm always saying, "Woah buddy....lets sell this stuff first!" But's very exciting.
DUANE: I think the instant success of Grizzly Brand is what made us go wait a minute....I think we have something here. We knew we found our "slice of the pie." The men's grooming product industry is getting pretty saturated now, and we know that the whole facial hair thing will fizzle out one day. that's the way of the world, that's society, you know? But what makes Grizzly Brand different is we are not just catering to the beard craze, but men in general. I was never one for hair products, or beard products because everything on the market smelled horrible, too strong, or just didn't appeal to me. The first time a smelled the first prototype of our beard tonic I was like yeah....I can actually wear this!
I sense a bit of Texas pride from you guys, what about your hometown makes it special for you?
EVA: We were both born in Texas...Duane in Houston---and Yoakum for me, although I was raised in Shiner.  Not gonna lie.....I love Texas. Moving to Katy has been a huge blessing for our family, a newer, stronger where else better to start and run a strong new company.
DUANE: Texas pride runs insanely deep here. I mean I remember being a kid and taking Texas History in school. I was just so amazed at all the awesome things we had to go through to be free. I never was bored in that class. And then when I realized that kids in other states don't have a Texas History class I was like, "what? why not!" lol! So of course when we started brain storming on how to market our product, adding Texas in there was just obvious! I've only been out of Texas a couple times in my life, and both of those times people I talked to off the street would just know we were from Texas. It's quite odd how that happens.
Us ladies like fancy good smelling haircare stuff too, any plans for a women's line in the future?
EVA: Being a classy lady myself (wink,wink), you can bet I think about things what would be good for women to use.  Honestly...a woman's product line may never happen and we're cool with that; however, I absolutely LOVE our logo and love to rock the t-shirt.  I'm always hinting around about printing cool tote bags and other things that we women folk can use.  I'm all about supporting my man in his hairy endeavors and spreading the news that the oil, cream, wax, and even shave oil and pomade really work.  It was tough love in the Eaves house before my hub's beard got soft and the smell is um....quite enticing. ;)
DUANE: To be honest this isn't the first time we have been asked this question. I know our pomade works great and a lady could surely get some use out of it as far as getting curls to stay up. You know the 50's rocker chick/rebel look. We are in the testing stages of making a lighter pomade. That might really work for the ladies also. But as far as a product line just for ladies, we'll have to just play it by ear. But like my wife said, it might not ever happen and we'll be cool with it.
What would you like your customers to know that know one has ever asked before but should have?
EVA: A question that I kind of hinted about above, but that hasn't been asked yet would be, "How do women respond to these products?"  I mean really?? If I were a man I would want to know if I was going to be a greasy mess or if the smell turns stomachs. As a woman I would want to know if I would not be able to touch his hair with out having to wash my hand in boiling water.  Those Axe commercials have women hanging off men....but I can't stand that burns your eyes and actually creates a barrier around any dude that keeps me away until the smell chills out.  Our product has an all natural smell...a delicious mix of scents that are quite appealing. I love that Duane's beard and hair smell the same. I'm not being attacked by one smell from his hair product then something else coming out of his beard. He is just inviting now. And because the oils are also natural they don't fight against the hair...they soak in and work to make the hair healthier.
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