FREE SHIPPING & All New Sourpuss Gals' Tops: Perfect for Summer!

Sourpuss_Summertime_RT_1aStarting today, June 6, we're offering up FREE SHIPPING on all domestic retail orders of $75+ ! Just order like normal, and at checkout choose USPS as your shipping method and punch in the code SHIPFREE (one word, all caps) and we'll mail you your awesome new stuff, free of charge. It's for free...well, it's for YOU! Sourpuss_Summertime_RT_2Curious about what to buy to take full advantage of that offer we mentioned above? Well, you're in luck! We just got loaded up with new Sourpuss Gals tops, in cuts that'll be perfect for the warmer weathers. Tanktops featuring some amazing flash art? We got 'em. Stripey, figure flattering, pirate-chic Jolly Roger tops? Yup, them too. Just looking to party, perhaps Tiki Party? Yeah, you bet we've got tops for that. See these, and the rest of our amazing gals gear HERE. Thanks!
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