Monster Uglydolls!!!

2014-Uglydolls-Universal-Monsters All the creatures of the night are back! What do you get when you combine scary monsters with cute plush? These adorable collectable Universal Monster Uglydolls. It is rumored that Stage 28 of Universal Studios is haunted by the ghost of Lon Chaney? Stage 28 is where most of the monster movies were originally filmed. All the little Uglydolls are headed out to check out the stage and dressed to impress as their favorite monster characters. You can see Ox transform into the Wolfman! Let's hope there is not a full moon on the day of the trip! Wedgehead is Frankenstein's Monster due to the fact that his head is already shaped the same! He is out for revenge for all those who denied his friendship! Babo is all wrapped up as the Mummy and ready to creep up on you from behind. Tray with her 3 brains, eyes, and now wigs is decorated up like the Bride of Frankenstein. Maybe she can fall for Wedgehead? Watch out for Big Toe! As the Creature he might grab you by the ankles if you step into any puddles. Ice-Bat by name alone had to become Dracula. It is rumored that he is afraid of blood, but it might not stop him from turning yours cold! Check out all Uglydolls by clicking here!
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