Sourpuss Shower Curtain Re-purpose!

Looking for a way to live with the horrifying pink walls in your new apartment (or maybe that's just me)? Well I'm here to tell you even the most hideous of paint colors can be redeemed...or at least worked with. banner2 Leave it to Sourpuss to save the day! We have some pretty cool shower curtains. And if you have a curtain rod in your house chances are Sourpuss shower curtains can be your new decorating best friend. At 78 inches tall, our 100% polyester shower curtains are a good length for most window treatments. And if they come up a bit short you can layer them over your existing curtains or sew trim to the bottom. A few of our curtains feature an all over repeat print making them perfect for the bedroom, living room, or wherever you need a bit of sprucing up. banner In my case I chose the Lost Love shower curtains. The holes for the shower curtains are not big enough to slide through a drapery rod. But the plastic hooks that come with the curtains are the perfect size. I'm keeping an eye out for wood rings for mine! I used some lace ribbon as curtain tie backs and to top it off I added a Bad Girl Scarf as a table runner to the top of my cedar chest. I'm pretty excited about the results! Be sure to send us your Sourpuss home makeovers! We'd love to see what you come up with!
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