Release the Bats, It's World Goth Day!

Goth Day

Gather 'round children of the night, it is your day after all! Dust off your corset and pointy buckle boots and prepare to tease your hair to infinite heights! The word on the street is today is World Goth Day or so it has been prophesized by the interwebs. For those of us who have long outgrown our unnatural obsession with Bauhaus or our lofty aspirations to look like Siouxsie Sioux, it's a day to reminisce about clove cigarettes, Andrew Eldritch, and crinoline of course! But before you get too bummed about walking around in your dreary office attire, carry a little piece of your past with you with these Goth inspired items! 1. Add a bit of dainty gothic lolita charm to any dress or gown with these black Dalilah Lace socks! 2. Bake up a macabre feast with the X~ray skeleton tea towels and baking set! Sure to make your guests climb the castle walls. 3. Children shouldn't play with dead things...except for this Dahlia Deranged Taxidermy Bird Skull Necklace!. 4. Dress your best for a cemetery stroll with this Graveyard Lolita Dress from Lip Service! 5. No Gothic ensemble would be complete with out some dancing shoes. Do the Gothic hula with the Ace of Lace oxford flats! 6. Summon the spirit world and all it's beautiful creatures with this Saint Siouxsie prayer candle! 7. Snag this shiny black silicone skull purse. It's sure to flatter your ghoulish style without having to resurrect your long forgotten vinyl pants. 8. Bela Lugosi's Dead, undead, undead, undead...and this poster would sure look memerizing in your bedroom. 9. Swoon over your teenage love of Dave know you wanna...with this Neat Neat Neat Tee! 10. And last but not least, settle in for the night with the warm comfort of the Sourpuss Bat Throw!
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