Take a Bite!

  TOOTH What do all these items have in common? They cannot all be pearly whites! I was trying to find a new show to watch so I was searching the internet for ideas of what is coming out soon. I stumbled across HBO and realized that in about 1 month True Blood returns with its final season! I will hate to see it go but am so excited for it to return for one last season. SO!!!! Here is a list of my top 8 items that contain teeth and fangs! 1. Kreepsville 666 Vamp Tube Top - This adorable top will have your neck prepared for that first bite! 2. Sugar Tooth Bowl - This little sweet tooth bowl is perfect for using with your coffee service. 3. Kreepsville 666 Vamp Coffin Bag - Every girl needs the right purse to head out for a night at Fangtasia! 4. Bite Me Fang Bottle Opener - Maybe your plan is to work at Fangtasia after you gain your experience at Merlotte's a.k.a Bellefleur's. 5. Charcoal Designs Pulling Teeth Necklace - This great little cameo features a gold tooth hidden among some molars on a cameo that will add a little curiosity to your neckline. 6. Sweet Tooth Cupcake Molds - Brush up on your baking skills! You can make some fun tooth shaped cupcakes! 7. Get Flossin' Tooth Plush - This little dude is going to keep you company and add a smile to your face. 8. Kreepsville 666 Breaking Teeth Hair Bow - I have been to the dentist 1000 times, and I know the drill!
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