Top Notch Threads For Your Super Star Kids!

Favorite-Kids Have you ever looked back on photos of yourself when you were a kid and contemplate, "What were my parents thinking putting me in those hideous clothes?" Yeah, us too! Well we here at Sourpuss strive to make sure your little guys and gals don't grow up with that same feeling of shame. Here are 8 essential items to ensure your kids will be the kings and queens of cool! If you are an avid shopper here at Sourpuss, you know we worship the legendary man in black, Johnny Cash. You can spread the love to the next generation when you fit your little outlaw with the SOURPUSS HELLO I'M JOHNNY CASH TEE. If your 'lil kitten is itchin' for a new adorable dress, pick that little doll of yours up the SOURPUSS BATTY WEDNESDAY DRESS! She'll be the hit of any play date! Are you looking for a way to liven up your little bruiser's wardrobe? Toss some grease in his hair, strap on a pair on mini docs and, to top if off, fit your fella proper with the FRED PERRY KIDS POLO in black with yellow trim. You can't help falling in love with your little kings and queens when they're all decked out in the ELVIS RED GUITARMAN KIDS TEE. Next stop, Heartbreak Hotel! If you're looking for the perfect kids tee that personifies your own little monster as they tear around the house, look no further! The UNIVERSAL MONSTERS KIDS TEE is right up their alley. It features a collection of your favorite classic movie monsters for your favorite lil' monsters! Pint-sized gals in pint-sized skulls, what could be more adorably badass? The SOURPUSS MINI SKULLS KIDS DRESS BLACK is vintage-inspired and 100% cool 'n cute for your tenacious toddler! *Insert you kids name here* is, a punk rocker, *insert your kids name here* is, a punk rocker noooooow when they're rocking this super cool SOURPUSS RAMONES PUNKER TEE. A faux leather jacket and buttons will have your little cretin turning on the punk rock charm! Your dude is going to look both darling and dapper when you finish buttoning the FRED PERRY KIDS MCTAVISH CHECK SHORT SLEEVE BUTTON UP! Whether you're dressing up your little guy for a special occasion or your little charmer just loves to show off, this delightful shirt from Fred Perry will do the trick! We here at Sourpuss love to see your cute kids looking cute and charismatic, dolled up and decked out in anything you choose from our astonishing collection of kids clothes! Whether you're trying to bolster your own little one's impressive wardrobe or you're the cool aunt or uncle looking for the perfect gift, you can count on Sourpuss! 
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