Let Imagination Take You Away

L'imaginariumDighorium_Amaryllis(Louise)HD1 Uk based alternative model Amaryllis and her new little bundle (Dolly Ann) recently had a photo shoot featuring the Sourpuss Strawberry Patsy Dress. Not only were the photos great, but the amazingly talented illustrator L'imaginarium D'ighorium even used one of the photos to make a totally killer work of art! Since Amaryllis did the shoot with her little model in training, we thought we would ask her her top 5 must have's for both mama and baby! Top 5 Must Have's For Baby:
  1. Wednesday Batty Dress
  2. Octopus Bandana Bib
  3. Skull Baby Leggings
  4. Lucky Sailor Kids Tee
  5. Anchor Striped One Piece
  Top 5 Must Have's for Mama:
  1. Strawberry Patsy Dress
  2. Cheetah Pom Pom Purse
  3. Bombshell Cherries Necklace
  4. Gingham Cherry Pie Dress
  5. Striped Bad Girl Scarf
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