Top 10 Band Merch!

Sourpouss_Band_Top_10From that first concert t-shirt, to posters of my favorite bands in high school all the way to the small arsenal of stickers, patches and pins I've accumulated over the years, I love band merch. Hell, anyone who lives and breathes music knows that unexplainable feeling you get when you throw on your favorite band hoodie. People live and die by music and passionately boast about the bands they love all over our person, bags, cars or instrument cases. Did you know we carry all kinds of sweet band merch? Why not??? Here are my top 10 items we have currently in stock! 1.) We recently received a batch of rad t-shirts from those sweethearts of Irish punk rock, Boston's own Dropkick Murphys. Throw on this JOLLY ROGER LOGO T-SHIRT before you head to a show, on your way to the record store or your favorite watering hole! 2.) Stickers! No matter how old you are, you love stickers. Punk rock stickers have lived and died all over the back of every car I've ever owned. The latest to my collection and soon to be yours is the DESCENDENTS STICKER. It features that dasterdly little devil Milo in 1996's iconic "Everything Sucks" album cover. 3.) Even the toughest punk rocker can still succumb from the frigid horrors that plague us in the coldest of winters. If you're on the look out for a way to keep your face and neck warm while keeping your punk rock cred tight, then I suggest the RANCID OUT COME THE WOLVES SCARF. 4.) Are you in need of some rad new pins to pop on your bag or your favorite denim jacket? Look no further, deck out your digs with a collection of great pins from The Dead Milkmen, The Adicts, Bad Brains, The Velvet Underground, Bowie and tons more! My favorite has to be the RAMONES ROCKET TO RUSSIA BUTTON, straight outta NYC circa 1977! 5.) From the "Crime" EP, all the way through to this year's "Transgender Dysphoria Blues," I celebrate the entire Against Me! catalog! Ladies can now relive their teenage anarchist days, belting out "Sink, Floria, Sink" when they pick up the AGAINST ME HEAD TEE. 6.) You didn't think I would get through this list without mentioning the man himself did you? We have so many stellar Johnny Cash items in stock both for you and your little man and lady in black. Why not hang the outlaw proudly on your wall with the JOHNNY CASH MAN IN BLACK POSTER? 7.) Post punk pioneers Joy Division are one of the most influential bands to come out of the late 70's and early 80's despite their short run. Gals, show your love with the JOY DIVISION RACERBACK TANK TOP,  featuring the cover of their 1979 debut record "Unknown Pleasures" in large print. 8.) Legendary London punk rock can travel with you to the beach, camping or down to your local grocery store when you pick up THE CLASH ECO FRIENDLY TOTE BAG. It's 100% biodegradable! 9.) It's no secret I'm a die hard fan of The Smiths. Now Morrisey and company can hang proudly on your wall when you grab this rare black and white vintage poster of the band not showing any panic in the streets of London. 10.) Lemmy himself would be proud as hell to see you out and about rockin' the MOTORHEAD ENGLAND ZIP UP HOODIE! Metal up punk! The fun doesn't stop there! We have a plethora of great merch also available from The Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Cock Sparrer, Nekromantix, Wu-Tang Clan, Blondie and so much more!
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