Better Red Than Dead!

All_Red_EverythingRedder is better! Prepare to pop with this ravishingly red collection of everything from Mugs to First Aid Storage boxes to Dresses & Eyeaballs...we have a righteously ruby item for every crimson craving! 1. Pinky Pinups French Top: Ce top est totalement putain fantastique! 2. Strawberry June Dress: Be the apple of someone's eye with this strawberry-embroidered, pinup-worthy dress! 3. Sailor Jerry Tiger Bandana: Good bandanas ain't cheap, cheap bandanas ain't good. This one is pretty fierce. 4. Kreepsville 666 Eyeball Coin Purse: No amount of Visine is gonna get the red outta this guy! A perfect creepy lil clip on coin purse for all you diminutive carry alongs! 5. French Sateen Shots:  Ce sont les plus brillants pantalons courts que nous avons! Brillant! 6. Sailor Jerry Anchor Tee: Get aweigh in this standout, anchor-emblazoned tee from Sailor Jerry! 7. Sugar Skull Tumbler: Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos everyday with this colorful sugar skull tumbler! 8. Medical Storage Box: Not just for needles & bandages, this handy little metal box can serve as a carry all for all your necessities! 9. Sriracha Coffee Mug: We would suggest you not actually drink a mug full of Sriracha, but, we aren't gonna stop you. 10. Persephone 3/4 Length Sleeve Cardigan: Simple, bright red, and classic: this 3/4 sleeve cardi would be perfect for any summery picnic or night out, painting the town....well, whatever color you paint the town.
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