Prom Picks!

I remember my prom being such a special night... there was a fancy dinner with a group of my friends, then we went and danced all night. After the actual dance we headed to my friends house for a pool party! Sourpuss carries a bunch of dresses now that you could wear to prom or another special event. You do not want to go to prom wearing something you are uncomfortable in and need to add your own style to the event. Maybe you just got asked and need a last minute dress.... we are here to help you.  Here are my Top 13 dresses for prom! Nothing says a fun prom like some bright colors! prom_B 1. Sourpuss Dance Card Dress - Bats Blue 2. Sourpuss Vintage Dance Card Dress 3. Sourpuss Dance Card Dress - Bats Pink Colors not your thing? We have a couple fancy dresses in black. prom_a   4. Steady Miss Fancy Dress 5. Pinky Pinups Striped Tube Ruffle Dress 6. Sourpuss Party Princess Dress The following dresses might be on sale or we might only have a couple sizes in stock. One could be available in your size!!!! prom_D   7. Hell Bunny Wendi Dress 8. Iron Fist Last Dance Dress 9. Iron Fist Save a Dance Dress 10. Pinky Pinups Lace Halter Dress 11. Sourpuss Annabella Cocktail Dress 12. Steady The Mistress Dress 13. Sourpuss Sparkle Lux Dress Do not forget to get a great hair accessory and some cool stockings and the never forget the excuse to get a new pair of shoes!! To view all dresses CLICK HERE
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