Prep for a Perfect Picnic with New Housewares at Sourpuss!

Sourpuss_PicnicWe're all getting ready for days out of doors as the weather warms up, and essential to a good Spring plan is kicking back, laying in the grass, and enjoying a solid picnic. And the key to a good picnic? Preparation. (And a lil booze.) Here's a bunch of amazing new housewares sturdy enough to take on a picnic, and fun & kitschy enough to complete any kitchen! Let us know your favorites, and what you think is essential to a successful al fresco lunch! 1. Melamine Cherry Plates: They look just like paper plates, but are totally reuseable...and printed with a gorgeous retro cherries print! 2. Bone Corn Skewers: Keep those mitts butter free with these nifty bone skewers, perfect for puncturing those pesky corn cobs. 3. Bee Melamine Plates: No one likes ants at the picnic, and bees can be a mixed bag: but NO ONE will mind these adorable reuseable plates with a set of 3 bees on each. 4. Mix N Match Cutlery Set: Too matchy can be too dull, spice up that silverware drawer with these complimentary, but variously printed pieces. 5. Thirst Aid Flask: Because sometimes you need to take your 'medicine'. 6. Magnetic Mount Kitchen Timer: The key to perfect BBQing & picnic food prep is timing...keep your schedule on point with this magnetically mounting racecar style gauge timer. 7. Sriracha Hot Sauce Water Bottle: It doesn't come filled with everyone's favorite rooster branded hot sauce, so feel free to fill it up with whatever beverage is key to your  afternoon. 8. Poison Ash Tray: Keep your butt on the blanket and your butts in this classic ashtray. 9. Banana Boat: We'll be the first to admit, a banana split may be the most impractical food to bring to a picnic...luckily you can serve other things outta this big bad banana boat. (Maybe a banana chip & dip?)
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