Bring on the Baby Shower!

Recently all of my friends are having babies. Some are even on their 2nd baby at this point. My spring and summer is filled with upcoming baby showers and I have to get creative to get presents that I did not already get my other friends for their newborn. Sourpuss has a ton of baby clothing and accessories that are unique and fun. I never go by what someone put on a registry because I can pick them up something cool and unique from work that no one else will get them. Here are my top 10 shower gift items. 5 for girls and 5 for boys! girls 1.  Sourpuss Hunny Lulu Wednesday Dress - This dress is so cute and comes in sizes 6 Month all the way to 5T and if you really want to be cool buy an adult sized one to have baby and mom match. 2. Sourpuss Bow Skull Bandana Bib - There is no such thing as owning too many bibs when a newborn is around. Keep their new threads tidy with one of these amazing soft bandana bibs. 3. Sourpuss Skull Baby Leggings - Not only are skulls really cool these leggings will keep those chunky legs from getting chilled. These are almost like tights but easier to put on since there are no built in feet. 4. Sourpuss Itsy Bitsy Cardigan - This baby is going to look like a cute little doll wearing a cardigan with spider webs and cute little attached bows on the sleeves. 5. Sweet and Sour Divided Suction Plate - keeping the plate on the table might be hard with a regular plate but this one will suction to the high chair so food does not get thrown all over the place when the little once starts eating solid foods and it is adorable with its' brightly colored Kawaii style artwork. So all the little girls are taken care of we did not forget about the upcoming little bruisers entering this world. boys 6. Lil Mod Skootcase - This is by far the coolest item for kids. It not only is a toy your little one can roll around on, but it also is a little suitcase! It is perfect for an overnight stay and can also be taken on an airplane and fit into the overhead compartment. 7. My First Fred Perry  - I did say a little bruiser right? Dad will be so proud when his little hooligan is wearing a matching Fred Perry Polo. 8. Sourpuss Kids Anchor Jeff Cap - This hat is awesome. Sometimes kids have a hard time wearing hats but this little navy blue flat cap features an anchor to bring out the little sailor in your tot and it will keep the sun out of his eyes when you are out on a stroll. 9. Universal Monsters One Piece - There are a ton of other one pieces on the site. But I think we all need to get our little monsters liking horror early so they are not scared at night after. Get them into Frankenstein, the Mummy, and Dracula early! 10. Sourpuss AC/DC Angus Kids Tee - Find out what band the future parents like and Sourpuss most likely has something they will be into but I think this little Angus kids tee is adorable... do you know how hard it would be to get a tie, button shirt, and suit coat on a little one? Why bother! Just slap this tee and he will look all dressed up.
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