A Classy Kind of Trashy: The New Sourpuss Trailer Park Tank Dress!

Christine_Fury_Trailer_Park_Dress_1Break out the PBR's, prop the hula girls up on the dash, kick those cowboy booted feet up, and enjoy the beauty of the out of doors & pink flamingos in a classy trashy kinda way with our amazing new Trailer Park print tank dresses. Perfect for any mid-day summer BBQ or any night out blasting fireworks & square dancin' these full color print dresses or leggings are gonna be a summer must have. See 'em HERE. Special Thanks to the awesome Christine Fury for modelling this phenomenal dress :)Christine_Fury_Trailer_Park_Dress_2Maybe (just maybe) you're looking for something a little more understated in a tank dress or leggings? Well then, don't miss our Omni Rose print on these same figure flattering cuts from Sourpuss!
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