Top 8 Guys T-Shirts!

Top_8_Guys_Shirts Fellow folks of the northern hemisphere, spring time is upon us! Time to put away those winter coats and sweaters and break out your t-shirts to bask in the warm weather. Fellas, if you're in the market for that killer new t-shirt, here are my top 8 favorites we currently have available! Check 'em out! Other than Black Flag, there's no logo in punk rock more world renown and iconic than Milo of The Descendents! You can now wear Milo's be-speckled mug mug mug proudly with the DESCENDENTS MILO T SHIRT! Enjoy! Honor, chivalry, dapperism and mustachery are just a handful of traits that make up a true gentleman. Now you genuine gents can show off how your beautifully cavalier cranium works with the MAIDEN VOYAGE PHERNOLOGY OF A GENTLEMAN T-SHIRT! The BLACK MARKET GENTS EXPLORATION T-SHIRT is one of the coolest prints we have currently availble! The adventurer in you will really dig the vintage style scuba diver printed on a soft, gray classic fit t-shirt. Gear up! Sullen is known for their beautifully artistic print t-shirts. One of my favorite prints we have in stock right now is the THE RAVEN T-SHIRT. It features a stunning tattoo-inspired raven-haired beauty, draped in roses and feathers with the famous Sullen logo in large print across the back. If you're a fan of classic rockabilly, country or R&B, then you recognize the legendary Memphis-born logo from Sun Records. Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison were some of the all-time greats that helped mold Sun Records into a musical juggernaut. Worship this most epic of record labels with the STEADY SUN RECORDS ROCKABILLY MUSIC T -SHIRT! We fellas all have our vices, whether it be the drink, a fresh pack of smokes or a sultry woman! Well why not wear your vices proudly with the KUSTOM KREEPS MANS RUIN T-SHIRT? A classic flash pinup gal will be your temptress as she sits seductively in a chilled martini, lips wrapped loosely around a freshly lit cigarette. Can you resist? We here at Sourpuss worship the classics of horror cinema. Fellas, now you can share in our love of the great Long Chaney in one of his most notorious roles in the ROCK REBEL WOLFMAN GRAVE T-SHIRT. The full moon is out, and the wolfman lurks around every corner, ready to tear into your flesh! Pirates, beer and punk rock are are all on deck with the DROPKICK MURPHYS SHIPPING UP TO BOSTON T-SHIRT! Gather up your bastards, sing loud and sing proud with a cold beer in hand and the good rats of bean town worn proudly across your chest! There you have it! 8 awesome guys tees that are here just in time for the warm spring and summer days!    
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