Get to Know the Afterlife of the Party, Kreepsville 666!!!

Kreepsville_666_Afterlife_of_the_PartyGreetings ghouls and gals! This week we caught up with Ash Ghoulmore from Kreepsville 666 and asked him a few questions about the creepiest brand in the land and what makes their tell-tale hearts tick.

A lot of our customers are HUGE Kreepsville 666 fans and would love to know what inspires your "rot and rule deathstyle"? You know it's funny where one can draw inspiration from, it can range from a multitude of things. Here's a few from the top my head: the way fresh blood hits white porcelain, how green slime seeps in to black leather, the sound of a distorted guitar cutting through the sweaty air of a club, sitting in a dark room with the only source of light being a tv in the corner beaming cathode ray visions of death straight in to your psyche, catching your own reflection in the blade of a butchers knife, walking dark city streets where angels fear to tread. I hope that give you a glimpse under the hood on what keeps this monster ticking over.

Kreepsville 666 is a definite standout among other brands. What is it that keeps your products so unique in a world of fashion copy cats? I think the main thing that sets us apart from others in the fashion world is that our hearts (blackened & empty as they are) are in this style. We are very much a "like whatever you sell' brand as opposed to being a "sell whatever you like" type of company. For example if the fickle finger of fashion pointed out something as the "next big thing"  that didn't sit well with our ideology, rather then halfheartedly jump the new bandwagon, we would more likely kick the wheels off and blaze our own trail. That's what our fans expect of us. And I think new and faithful converts to Kreepsville 666 have a real sense they are apart of something real & tangible for them. I'm sure it's hard to just choose one, so what are some of your favorite products you're selling this year? This year I'm happy to say we are launching our girls "character" hooded tunics. I'm looking forward to seeing what lunacy the ladies will get up to in them and what character they feel that they most emulate, they have a choice of a witchy black cat, vampire bat  & a wicked red devil.

Kreepsville_Bar.Fans love the Vampira and Elvira items you offer, do you have a dream horror personality that you'd love to feature next? I think we have been very fortunate to work with Vampira & Elvira respectively as they are both horror icons in there own right who helped shape style in music & fashion beyond the realms of their contemporary. So if our luck held out who would we stalk next? that's a good question… BUT! it's not something I want to unleash upon the world at the moment. We have a few monsters lurking under wraps in the lab just dying to get out!, but at the moment we have our claws full with Mars Attacks! & Toxic Toons. We have had a blast creating the first wave of these horror heavy hitters!

Anything you'd like your fans to know? Yes, we really think the world of our fans and understand they are a big part of what we do, so we are always keen to see pics of whatever ensemble that they can put together featuring our kreepy klobber. Some of our items are a fertile breeding ground for fans to add there own personal twist to, it's great to see some combined madness from other dark souls out there. Thanks again to you all for the support you have shown us, this enables us to go further down the twisted spiral and you are all welcome to join us.
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