Top 7 Horror Film Items!

horror3 Everyone loves a scary movie every now and then! I love them all the time. We have a ton of items that feature horror movies or characters but here are my top 7 items that are great for any fanatic. 1. Day of the Dead Poster - Great to hang on your wall in your man cave or your bunker that you plan to hide in during the zombie apocalypse. Who did not fall in love with Bub when he was trying to shave?! I almost cried! 2. Frankenstein Poster - Ok everyone has to own a poster of Frankenstein if you are into old horror movies. Boris Karloff is the famous Frankenstein's Monster! Did you know they originally had cast Bella Lugosi for the role!? 3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sticker - If you are like me the back of your car is loaded up with stickers with your favorite bands, movies, and brands. I think the first time I saw this movie I had nightmares for weeks about being chased by Leatherface. He has to be one of the scariest bad guys! 4. Night of the Living Dead Dress - Kreepsville 666 created this great tank dress. Did you know when this movie premiered there was no ratings system so little kids went in and had no clue what they were in for!? For its' time, it had to be the scariest movie ever made. horror5  So every horror fanatic needs some t-shirts to wear to the next Monster Mania convention. 5. Halloween Girly Tee - Michael Myers with his world famous Shatner mask! Who does not like a good slasher film? 6. Universal Monsters Mummy Tee - This all over print girly tee is frightening! Boris Karloff as Imhotep searching for his reincarnated love! 7. Shaun of the Dead Tee - Ok... so maybe it is not officially a horror movie? Or is it? I do know that it is incredibly awesome! Who doesn't like a movie that seems like a horror movie but is funny and keeps you laughing the whole time as they unconventionally fight off the zombies!      
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