Good Mourning!

GOOD_MOURNINGWatch out! This recipe lovin’ bettie is sure to eat your heart out! Doesn't she just look frightful in our Good Mourning Dress (and matching Tea Towels!!) Here’s a little bit to help you get to know this zombettie: Favorite zombie movie? Beetlejuice if that counts!  I am a huge Walking Dead fan too. Weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse? H&K USP Compact 9 Favorite Recipe? Chocolate cheesecake What's currently playing on your iPod? Rock, metal, country, rockabilly, hip hop...I love it all How did you get the nickname "Buttercream Bettie"? I have a specialty cake business and it came from my yummy buttercream icing :) Want to see more zombie photos (or just regular ones – whatever floats your boat) check out her Facebook! Be sure to check out our whole collection of zombie favorites HERE! ZOMBIE_CAMEOModel: Buttercream Bettie Photographer: Chris Ozment Photography MUA: Heather Lynett What she’s wearing: Sourpuss Good Mourning Dress with Zombie Cameo Tea Towels
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