The Kids are Alright!


Last year I was able to dress my daughter Ellison is some super sweet Sourpuss duds to keep her looking and feeling cool during the spring and summer months! This year will be no different! This little lady is going to have some fancy threads to kick back in, here's just a few things on my Sourpuss Spring shopping list!


Rock N Roll Preschool Toddler Tee: This preschool worthy uniform is sure to illicit screams..of letters that is. Printed in bold red this letter learning masterpiece is just what your toddler needs to have some kicks!

Sourpuss Bandana Bib: Sure your toddler doesn't need a bib any more...or do they. I've seen my kid finish an apple in a way that makes Cujo look mild mannered. Why not doll them up before you need to wipe em' down! Available in a wide assortment of styles and colors.

Jeff Cap: I don't know about your kid but mine is allergic to growing hair. Oh...I went there, a jeff cap will keep that little chrome dome safe as well as give some sun coverage to those sensitive baby blues!

Teether Bling: Oh I know, my daughter has all her teeth already but you know what she doesn't wedding and engagement rings and you know what she wedding and engagement rings. Instead of having your toddler physically attempting to remove your fingers for your goods, get them their own! Won't they look fly walking around with this red ruby ring...dangling from their mouth...

Cool Kid Stripe Sock Set: Kids need socks right?! Those little feet always seem to be covered in some kind of adventure worthy boo boo that makes walking distances in sandals an impossibility. Slip on some Vans with these babies underneath and your kid will walk comfortably in style. (also useful for Ellie's all time favorite activity...sock hands)

Let us not forget the Circus backpack: Kids always want to lug stuff everywhere. Be it some blocks, a favorite book, goldfish, pieces of paper, rocks, sticks, t shirt fuzz, cherrios, dead things, more goldfish...having a mini sized backpack handy will make travel fun for your little one and less of a hassle for you. Sure you'll probably end up carrying it, but think of how strong you'll look with a tiny elephant strapped to your back.

Last but not least Cookie Stamps: Ellie loves her some cookies! The great thing about these though is you can make other healthy things besides cookies and keep your little one entertained while you do it! Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew make great practice for future bakers. Sure they will make a mess but that's what the bib is for...right?

As pictured above: Itsy Bitsy Wednesday Dress, Hey Ho Ramones Toddler Tee,

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