Break Out Those Crayons!

2 These are not your ordinary coloring books! I mean, you could buy these for your toddler to scribble away on, or you could go get a pack of crayons and color them yourself! The paper on all of these books is way better than the coloring books I had as a kid. They are perfect to use crayons on but would do even better with a nice set of coloring pencils. Coloring is a great way to unwind, decompress, and it promotes creativity. The Coloring Book Project has 215 pages of drawings and activities to do. All the artwork in this book is tattoo related. We cannot all be tattoo artists but you might feel a little like one after you color in every page. The Coloring Project 2 is BIGGER than the original book with 400 pages of designs to color and activities to complete. These tattoo related images do not feature just one genre of art because over 100 artists put in their own style. 3 What do rappers, Bill Murray, and wrestling have in common? Someone has created a coloring book for each of them! The Gangsta Rap Coloring Book will be endless fun creating masterpieces to hang on your wall. The artwork includes drawn in frames too! This book does not discriminate between the artists from the west coast like 2Pac or ones from the east coast like the Notorious B.I.G.... you will be calling him Big Poppa! My personal favorite is the Thrill Murray Coloring Book! Out just in time for the debut of Wes Andersons' new movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel. No matter what character Bill is playing, he has never been in a bad movie. Each drawing is accompanied by a full color version of what the artist decided to do with it. You can copy them or created your own style of Bill, believe me it is a THRILL! Hell Yeah! claims to be the best coloring book in sports entertainment and they might be right. You too can color in Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Iron Sheik! Coloring books are not just for kids! Not everyone is an artist but anyone can color in the lines or be a rebel and color outside the lines. See all coloring books here.  
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