7 Super Ways to Amp Up Your Caffeine!

Caffeine!!!!!! I don't know about you good folks, but I'm an absolute wreck without my morning coffee! Whether you're a connoisseur of coffee or enjoy a fresh cup of piping hot tea, here are 7 super sizzling ways you can amp up your morning perk! Mug, mug, mug! You need that coffee mug to clear away the haze. Your favorite pop-punk icons The Descendents are here to help you get that liquid proof you need to start your day right with the I DON'T WANT TO GROW UP COFFEE MUG. This bright yellow mug features the iconic logo from their 1985 sophomore full length on both sides. Chug-a-lug that coffee mug! Every shutterbug need their fix before they point and click. If you're a fan of both caffeinated beverages and vintage cameras, well then you're going to love the CUPPA THIS RETRO CAMERA COFFEE MUG! Styled like your favorite diner's coffee mug, get your swig before you dig in and shoot your next great set! I absolutely love this mug! Oh man, did you oversleep again? No time in the morning to sit down and enjoy a fresh cup of something strong? If you need to make that cup of tea or joe to go, AND you have a fine flavor for horror punk, oh hey we've got the perfect item for you! Wrap your fiendish fingers tight around the SOURPUSS MISFITS FIEND TUMBLER. The crimson ghost is always good 'til the last drop! If a hot cup '0 tea is your game and you've been searching high and low for that new tea pot, then look no further! The LUCKY SKULL PORCELAIN TEA POT is an essential for your leafy brew. This porcelain goodie features a kitchy Mexican day-of-the-dead-style skull that smiles upon you with every sip! Whether you're starting your day off right or you're entertaining friends with an afternoon tea party, the lucky skull will be there! Shark attack, there's a steeping frenzy going on in your mug! Ruuuuun, get to tha choppa! Oh wait, false alarm, it was just the SHARK TEA INFUSER. Whew that was a close one!! Slippery sharks can show up anywhere to steep that perfect cup of tea in either BLUE or GRAY. Da-nun, da-nun, da-nun, cup of teeeeeaaaaaaa! So you've successfully brewed and poured your morning glory. Personally, I love my coffee black as night. However, if you take yours with a splash of cream and you have a soft spot for your neighborhood diner, bring a little of that experience home with the JAVA JR. MINI DINER CREAMER. Lighten up your coffee, hun? We have the cream, now how about the sugar? Add one, two, however many lumps of sweetness you need to your morning mug or tumbler with the ONE LUMP OR TWO SUGAR BOWL. This kitchy camel is made of pure ceramic and has got just what you need to sweeten up that luscious caffeinated beverage you need to get you through your day. There you have it fellow caffeine addicts, 7 wonderful ways to boost that morning brew! We have a slew of additional mugs and tumblers available in our housewares section for your ordering pleasure, these just happened to be my top picks. Drink up!   
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