The Munsters: DRAG-U-LA vs. The Munster Koach


Did you catch the new Munsters t-shirts from Rock Rebel yet? Well, after taking a look at that Drag-U-La t-shirt, I was reminded of one of the greatest episodes to grace this series - Hot Rod Herman. To jog your memory, Grandpa is forced to build and race the Drag-U-La (against the Munster Koach) after Herman loses their Munster Koach in a previous dragstrip race. This storyline is then re-imagined in the movie, Munster, Go Home. Whether you prefer the movie or the tv episode that features both of these hot rods, hand it to Grandpa for building some of the coolest cars to grace your screen.

Or George Barris, that is. One of the fathers of Kustom Kulture, George Barris and his garage, Barris Kustoms, are behind both of these venomous vehicles - along with numerous other crazy car creations, including The Batmobile. Let's get you equipped with a few fun facts about these rides, so you'll be prepared when you wear your new Drag-U-la shirt out at the races:

The Munster Koach

  • - Built by Barris Kustoms in 1964

  • - The studio gave George Barris 21 days to complete this car

  • - The body was built by hand and constructed out of 3 Model Ts

  • - The original is powered by a Ford V8, 4-speed manual transmission

  • - It could reach 150 mph

  • - During the TV series, there was a song released by Decca called '(Here Comes the) Munster Koach' (Go ahead now & look it up; it's a catchy little tune!)


  • - Built by Barris Kustoms in 1964

  • - Rumor has it that the body is a real fiberglass coffin that was bought out of the “back door” of a North Hollywood funeral home

  • - It features organ pipes in place of standard exhaust pipes

  • - The original is powered by a Ford V8, 4-speed manual transmission

  • - It could reach over 180 mph

  • - In 1998, Rob Zombie released a song called DRAG-U-LA but he drives the Munster Koach in the music video (WHAT THE HECK, ROB?)

  It all comes down to this. If you're racing for pinks, which one are you driving?
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