Shake it Up!

saltandpepper If anyone knows me, they know that I love to cook. Check out some of these cool salt and pepper shakers you can add to your table. The most important seasoning is salt and pepper! It is vital to season all your food generously and on both sides. The best way I have found,  is to hold the shaker about 1 foot above what you are seasoning to be sure to cover it all. Salt pulls water out of the uncooked food enhancing the flavor, while pepper adds flavor to a food. Neither seasoning is meant to alter the taste but to enhance the flavor.  Just remember to not over season! I like to "SHAKE" things up a little at my place by using interesting shakers for my spices. My personal favorite is Frankie and His Bride kissing shakers. Not only does this make cooking more fun, if you are having guests over it starts a great conversation. Other featured shakers include Sourpuss Frank & Bride, Vampires, Mummy Deady, and Love Never Dies Check out the whole salt and pepper shaker collection HERE.
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